Insoles Champion Baby

Ref. 155

Insoles Champion Baby made with natural skin of lamb 1ª quality. Insoles cut out. Clinical recommended insoles. Insole of latex with activated coal and particles of preventol anti-bacteria (against: fungi, smells, bacteria and microbes). Model JUNIOR: treated regenerated leather, model CHAMPION BABY: natural skin of lamb (unilin) 1ª quality. The result of this combination of materials is an insole that takes care of the feet of the children of a natural form, besides being the most effective eliminating the sweat of the feet and the bad smell of the school and sports footwear. Special insoles for feet in phase of growth.


  • Blister: 1 pair
  • Box: 20 pairs


  • Leather


  • Cut out size

Insoles Junior


Insoles Happy Baby