Privacy policy

Creaciones Mariola, S.L., takes into special consideration the protection of the personal information of its webpage users. Through this privacy policy the company informs the users of of the uses that their personal data is submitted to, this allows the users to decide freely if and what information they wish to facilitate.

The company reserves the right to modify this privacy policy with the purpose of adapting it to changes in the law, jurisprudence criteria, and changes in the sector’s methodology or the company’s interest. Any modification in the webpage will be announced in advance so users have perfect knowledge of its content.


Creaciones Mariola, S.L. is responsible for the processing of personal data.

Business address: Pda. Les Fabriques, 2. 03450 Banyeres de Mariola (Alicante)

Telephone: +34 365 67 024 / 966 567 412



Finality of the data processing

The personal data treated by Creaciones Mariola, S.L. has the following purposes:

  1. Creaciones Mariola, S.L. client and supplier management.

  2. Provision of services.

  3. Users participation in commercial promotions, discounts etc.

  4. Statistical and market studies.

  5. Sending of commercial communications.

Conservation period

The personal data provided with be kept during the corresponding time to comply with legal obligations, or until the suppression of such data is requested by a legitimized user.


Creaciones Mariola, S.L. is legitimized to treat personal data based on the consent given by the user to one or more specific purposes, as present on the article 6.1. a) Of the General Data Protection Regulation.

The present website includes hyperlinks that allow visitors to access other webpages. Creaciones Mariola, S.L. does not assume any responsibility regarding the data protection policy of third party webpages.


Creaciones Mariola, S.L. does not share its data with third parties, with the exception of some cases where the information is needed to organize activities or to provide services. In all cases this data provision is based on the subscription of contracts, these disallow the entity from using the provided data to ends not established by Creaciones Mariola, S.L.

User rights

The owner of the personal data can, at any time, exert the rights established by the RGPD, these are:

  • Right to require access to the data related to the user.

  • Right to require the rectification or elimination of the data.

  • Right to require the limitation of the data processing.

  • Right to oppose data processing.

  • Right to the data portability.

The interested may use these rights by presenting a request, accompanied by a copy of the respective identity card, in which the interested shall state the right to be satisfied and send it to

Security measures

Creaciones Mariola, S.L. will apply the appropriate technical and organizational measures to assure the security level adequate to the risk level.

Use of cookies

We inform that our server does not use cookies or other invisible information collection procedures, and does not store any type of file in your computer system.

Change in data protection law

Creaciones Mariola, S.L. reserves the right to modify the present policy with the purpose of adapting it to new changes in the data protection law or jurisprudence, as well as the changes derived from existing code types or for corporate reasons.

These changes will be displayed in our website in advance, only requiring the consent of the users when such consent is dictated by the present policy.

Any doubt, questions or comments you may have regarding the present law should be written and sent to .

  1. General aspects Legal Warning

Please read the following legal warning regarding the webpage owned by Creaciones Mariola S.L.

    1. Identity of the service provider

Complying with article 10 of the Services of the Information Society and Electronic Trade, present in the law 34/2002 dated from the 11th of July.

This webpage is propriety of Creaciones Mariola S.L. CIF: B-53249090.

Address: Pda. Les Fabriques, 2. 03450 Banyeres de Mariola (Alicante)

Telephone: + 34 965 67 024 / 966 567 412



    1. Acceptance and validity of the general and specific conditions

The navigation, the use or the requisition of any of the products present on this website makes you a User, the condition of User supposes your total acceptance of the Terms and Conditions both general and specific valid at the moment you access the website.

The company reserves the right to add or modify unilaterally at any moment and without previous warning, the presentation, configuration and contents of the website, as well as to suspend the presentation, configuration, technical specificities and services of the website in the same way.

  1. Terms and conditions

    1. User obligations

The user accepts generally to comply to the present terms and conditions of use, and to act according to the law and with good faith, applying due diligence to the service offered and abstaining from using the present website in any way that can prevent, damage or deteriorate the normal functioning of the same and the owner’s (Creaciones Mariola S.L.) goods and rights. Also the user accepts the same conditions for the rest of the users, in general, to any third party.

Specifically, and complying with the general obligations previously stated, the user obliges by using the present website to the following:

  • In the case of possessing a username and password given by the company, the user is responsible for the preserving of both as identifying and habilitating elements to access the different services offered in the website, the user is responsible for not allowing access to third parties of these identifying elements, assuming the responsibility and damages in case of misuse of the same.

  • Do not introduce, store or spread in or from this website, any type of defamatory, injurious, obscene, and threatening, xenophobe or violence inciting information or material. This includes all racial, sex, ideology and religious discrimination or any other form of behaviour that affects moral, public order, fundamental rights, public liberties, honour, intimacy or third party’s image and, generally speaking, anything that breaks Spanish law or your home country’s law.

  • Do not introduce, store or spread on the website any type of computer program, data, virus, code, or any other file that is susceptible of causing harm or any type of alteration of the website, in any of the services provided or in any of the computers, systems or networks from Creaciones Mariola S.L., to any user, or in general any third party, that may prevent the correct functioning of the previously referred.

  • Do not destroy, alter, use for yourself or render useless any data, information, programs, electronic documents, or, in general the files from Creaciones Mariola S.L. or any third parties.

The company may, in any moment and without previous warning, modify the present General Terms and Conditions as well as the specific Terms and Conditions. Such modifications shall be made public in the company website.

2.2. – Exoneration of responsibility

The company does not take responsibility for any damage caused by any of the following:

  • Misuse of the website, users shall use the website according to its terms and conditions, the company will not take responsibility for misuse.

  • The company will not take responsibility for service disruptions or damage caused by electrical network, data connection or server failure.

  • Regarding third party access to the system. The company will take the appropriate technical measures in order to protect the information and data accessible, the company will not be held responsible for any third party access that, violating the established security measures, get access to the contained information.

  • The company invests constantly in technological means that allow for the minimization of virus, software and forbidden content risks. Despite of this, the user must be aware and adopt personal security measures to try to minimize damage caused by unauthorized software such as virus, Trojans or any type of software defined as malware, the company does not assume any responsibility regarding the soring of malware in the present website.

2.3 – Use of hyperlinks

Any user that wishes to introduce links from their own websites in shall comply with the following conditions, ignorance of the following will not exonerate the user of the responsibilities dictated by law.

The link will be attached to the home page of the website and will not reproduce it in any way (inline links, copy of the texts, graphics, etc.). It is strictly forbidden, according to the valid law at the moment, to establish frames that involve the website or allow the visualization of the contents through different webpages other than ours. Also, in any case when the content is visualized together with content from other pages in a way that; (I) induces the users in error, confusion or mistake about the origin of our service or contents; (II) supposes an act of comparison or disloyal imitation; (III) allows others to take advantage of the company’s reputation or name; (IV) in any way that is forbidden by the valid law.

There shall be no false, incorrect or inexact manifestation about the company, the management, the employees, clients or about the quality of the service provided by Creaciones Mariola S.L. in the webpages on which the link ( is introduced.

In no case should it be expressed in the webpage containing the company’s link that the company has provided consent for the presence of the same, or that the company sponsors, collaborates, verifies or supervises the services of the host.

The use of any graphic, written or mixt or any other identifying logo of Creaciones Mariola S.L. in the remittent webpage is strictly forbidden except for the cases permitted by law or authorized by the company, and in the cases that a direct link is allowed it should follow the stated on these Terms and Conditions.

The webpage where the company’s link is provided should comply with the law and may not, in any case, make available own or third party content that: (I) are illicit, harmful or contrary to the moral and good governance (pornography, violence, racism, etc.) ;(II) induce the user in the misconception that the company subscribes, endorses, adheres or in any way supports, the ideas, claims or expressions, licit or illicit, of the remittent; (III) result inappropriate or unimportant to the activity regarding the place, content and theme of the remittent webpage. Likewise, the user shall abstain from including in the webpage any type of link directing to another webpage that contains illicit information, contrary to moral and good governance generally accepted, as well as public order.

2.4. – Industrial and intellectual property

The webpage’s structure, design and presentation (graphics, images, pictures, samples and materials that are shown, industrial technologies, files, logos, colour schemes or any elements susceptible of protection) are protected by intellectual and industrial propriety rights owned by Creaciones Mariola S.L. and the ones that obtain the correspondent rights of use.

It is strictly forbidden to reproduce, transform, distribute, display publicly and explore generally in any way, whether it is partially or totally, the elements referred in the previous paragraph. The display in other webpages or in other means of communication, whether they are digital or written, require express consent by the company and shall, in any case, refer explicitly the ownership of the quoted industrial rights of Creaciones Mariola S.L.

The use of the distinctive marks (commercial designations, brands) shall not be allowed, except when expressly authorized by the legitimate holders.

Except when expressly authorized by Creaciones Mariola S.L., the links to end pages, frame and other similar manipulations shall not be permitted. Links should always direct to the homepage or main page of the website.

2.5. – Applicable law and jurisdiction

The present Terms and Conditions are submitted to Spanish law and jurisdiction.

The company and the user, independently of the residence, renouncing any other corresponding forum, submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Alicante for any question that may surface or any actions prevenient of the web service providing and its services and contents, and, the interpretation, application, complying or uncompliant with the previously established.