Raglan shoulder pads

Raglan shoulder pads special to raglan and japanese sleeve. It's the only item which can be transformed depending on the clothes, giving your shoulder different forms.

  1. Raglan shoulder pads.

  2. Lined raglan shoulder pads.

  3. Lined raglan shoulder pads with 1 pleats.

  4. Lined raglan shoulder pads with 2 pleats.


  • Boxes or bags of 25 pairs per model


  • White
  • Black

Ref. / Model / Size (ExAxR in mm.)

  • Raglan Shoulder Pad nº0: 12x110x85
  • Raglan Shoulder Pad nº1: 13x140x90
  • Raglan Shoulder Pad nº2: 15x160x100
  • Raglan Shoulder Pad nº3: 18x180x105
  • Raglan Shoulder Pad nº4: 20x190x110

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