Doble lined shoulder pads

Doble lined shoulder pads with soft materials. Wider thickness shoulder pads. Which makes your shoulder more marked. It has different thicknesses, such as 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm. These shoulder pads can be with or without cut forms and also lined or non-lined

  1. Doble lined nº1 20mm-25mm/30mm

  2. Doble lined nº2 20mm-25mm/30mm

  3. Doble lined nº3 20mm-25mm/30mm

  4. Doble lined nº4 20mm-25mm/30mm

  5. Doble lined nº5 20mm-25mm/30mm

* Shoulder pads color:
- Minimum order 200 pairs per color.
- Consult fabrics in the shoulder section section.


  • Boxes or bags of 25 pairs per model


  • White
  • Black

Ref. / Model / Size (ExAxR in mm.)

  • nº1: 20-25x97x140mm
  • nº2: 20-25-30x112x175mm
  • nº3: 20-25-30x127x195mm
  • nº4: 20-25-30x137x210mm

Raglan shoulder pads

Rounded or semi-rounded shoulder pads