Rounded or semi-rounded shoulder pads

Rounded or semi-rounded shoulder pads specially to semi-rounded sleeves. They're very confortable and adaptable to wear in your shoulder, because of its form and its quality.

  1. Lined shoulder pad SRC Nº1

  2. Lined shoulder pad SRC Nº2

  3. Lined shoulder pad SRC Nº3

  4. Lined shoulder pad CR Nº1

  5.  Lined shoulder pad CR Nº2

*You can check in the lower part of the shoulder pads category the tissues.


  • Boxes or bags of 25 pairs per model


  • White
  • Black

Ref. / Model / Size (ExAxR in mm.)

  • nº1: 12x110x160
  • nº2: 14x135x160
  • nº3: 16x150x170
  • nº4: 10x115x130
  • nº5: 14x115x180

Doble lined shoulder pads

Special shoulder pads