New Adhesive Insoles Little-Secrets®

We concern ourselves with your wellbeing that is the reason we created a vast range of insoles, protectors, cushions and gel straps, ideal to avoid pain and rashes. They are invisible and ensure full comfort. One solution for each type of shoe.

Lined gel foot pad. Designed to provide relief in the soles of your feet, preventing callus formations and rough spots associated with the use of high heels. Adhere easily to the shoe. One size.

Gel heel cushion Gel heel cushion with suede fabric lining, ideal for use with heels. Improves shock absorption and makes for a more comfortable walk, reduces the weight supported by the ankles and hip. Adhesive and anti-skid with a slight elevation for comfort. Adhere easily to the shoe. One size.

Gel heel liner. Protection for shoes that prevents rubbing and slipping. Adhesive, invisible and adapts easily to any type of shoe. Recommended for use with new or tight shoes.One size.

Slim gel heel liner and Round gel foot pad. Maximum comfort for your feet. Round gel foot pads ideal for eliminating pressure and friction on any part of your feet, help avoid slip and rubbing. Adhesive and invisible. One size.

Gel foot padDurable and pleasurable to the touch, their density absorbs impacts and protects the pressure points of the foot. Designed with salient points to provide active massage. Auto adhesive and adaptable, avoiding the movement of the foot inside the shoe. Ideal for the use of panty’s in in high heel shoes or sandals. One size.

Sandal gel foot pad. Prevents rubbing and relieves pressure between the toes. Maximum commodity, invisible and adhesive. One size.

Slim gel heel liner. Maximum comfort for your feet. Gel heel liner that avoid rubbing from shoe straps and act as anti-slip as well. Adhesive and invisible. One size.

Forefoot pad. Relieve forefoot pain, providing great comfort. Comfortable and effective in preventing calluses. Recommended for users who walk a lot or stand for long periods of time. Fabricated in soft adjustable fabric that adapts to the contour of your feet. The filling is silicone gel that acts as protection for your feet and absorb your weight while walking. Recommended for use with stockings or socks.

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